About Us

About Shellattés

Shellattés is more than just coffee. It is a shop were anyone can feel comfortable and at home. They serve homemade soups, unique sandwiches, and the customer favorite Shellattés Baked Oatmeal. Every day, the 3 item menu changes, but they can always find something to suite whatever your taste buds desire.

The only thing better than a cup of coffee, is a great cup of coffee paired with a good book. As you browse around the shop you’ll find lots of books in many nooks and crannies, as well as a large selection in the “shop around the corner” main bookroom. Here, you can feel free to slowly page through the book and enjoy it at your leisure or purchase it and continue the book at home.
Shelly and her staff of Baristas want to bring you the same comfort and passion she learned early on from her grandmother about food and beverages, the relationships it can create, and dazzle your taste buds while sitting comfortably in Shellattés at home atmosphere.

About the owner

Shelly Baeten started her food service career at a young age, working her way up through the industry to become the proud owner of Shellattés in Neenah (yes, that is Shel and Latte put together). With experience in many facets of the culinary world, she excels at creating delectable bistro-style foods, crafting coffee concoctions, making home-style comfort dishes, catering events and baking a plethora of delicious treats.

Along with great food and fabulous beverages, Shellattés atmosphere promotes a positive environment for family and friends. Being brought up in a modest American household, Shelly learned early that food brought the family together. Her grandmother, Anita, brought her into the kitchen at a young age and taught her many things about cooking, baking and what it meant to the family. Grandma always had a percolator of coffee brewing. With the memory of Anita acting as her inspiration, and her picture hanging proudly on the coffee shop wall, she is dedicated to carrying on many of the traditions that her grandmother started decades ago.

What’s that music we’re playing?

Here at Shellattés you may find yourself listening to a bit of music you’ve never heard before. We usually play an extensive and unusual mix of all different types of music all jumbled together on one huge playlist. That means during the time it takes you to enjoy a couple of cups of coffee, you might hear (in no particular order) Country, 70’s Soul, Doo-Wop, 90’s Rock, Rockabilly, Gospel, British Invasion, Northern Soul, Bluegrass, Cajun, Disco, Classic Rock or any number of other music genre’s. We have music from the 1920’s all the way into the 2000’s (mostly from the 50s to the 90s). That’s ten decades of music to enjoy. Don’t worry if one song doesn’t suit your fancy, the next one is going to be completely different. You could come and spend an hour at Shellatte’s every day for a month or more and not hear the same song twice. Let us know how you like the music.